Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jackson beaten to the punch on 'The Dam Busters'

Casual Parking can reveal post production is underway on the movie 'Pimp My Lanc' - the remake of 'The Dam Busters' directed by Guy Ritchie-Benaud and starring a virtualised Marlene Dietrich as Guy Gibson.
'Lanc' is the second in a proposed series of 'Pimp' movies to be directed by Ritchie-Benaud.  'Pimp My Ashes', the story of the infamous Body-line cricket series is already in the can and awaiting a timely release for the Xmas season.

'Pimp My Lanc' is an ambitious retelling of the raid on the Ruhr dams by 617 Squadron that creates an alternative mythology that promises thrills and laughs throughout. Guy Gibson is a drug-ravaged transvestite who-through his covert dealings with Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering - hits on the idea of damaging the German war effort by flooding the Ruhr Valley with bales of mescaline and thousands of copies of Aldous Huxley's 'The Doors of Perception'.

Ritchie-Benaud is delighted with his self-penned script and says 'it resolves many unanswered questions, especially about Gibson's favourite cologne.'  He also says that the 'funky' nature of the plot and dialogue removes all of the problems around the name of Gibson's black Labrador dog. 'Nigger fits right in there', he says, 'In fact, the film's funniest scene is when the dog goes missing and some 30 or 40 air crew are wandering around the Base at midnight yelling Here Nigger! and scaring the local farmers.'

Apart from being the first to have a virtualised dead movie star in a leading role, Ritchie-Benaud also hints at scenes from some of his favourite movies being 'grafted' into his movie. 'Let Jackson suck on that big boy', he grins as he pushes me out of the bomb hatch.

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